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See all invoices generated with data organized in tables. See monthly views of invoices, salesperson leaderboard & monthly charts in PDF formats.


Here you will be able to see total purchases from all suppliers and the average purchase listed in the history table. All these displayed in PDF format also.


Connected with the customers added by you. Skrivbord software gives you a presentation of monthly calls received and salesperson call leaderboard.


Every report category is accompanied with a chart and filter to specify the period or salesperson to generate the reports you are looking for.


Similar to sales but connected to your projects. Here you have information on all projects, expenses, margins & leaderboard  which shows sum of monthly projects.


Build a setting price list or personalize for each subcontractor assigned project. This will allow for more accurate subcontractor payments and project expenses.


Here you can see the total payments to subcontractors and the average payment listed in the history table.


Using subcontractors at different projects? You can enter payment based on their job, customize to the price list and calculate job payment set at project level.


Trying to see what should you continue to invest with or stop investing in has never been easier. Using our build tables, charts and summaries is what Skrivbord Marketing introduces.


The most important information all found in an easy to read table showcasing all the call sources, respective expenses, calls, projects, closing rates and revenue with totals.


Marketing tools are vital and our platform makes sure you are able to collect and categorize multiple categories to ensure proper decisions are made.


Our software also can help with customizing an Email Marketing template, allowing you to email all customers you want in groups or individually.


Skrivbord Marketing will show different expenses for endeavours and spam across several months. It includes information on a monthly basis, budget, contact information & more.


During or after a project, a client can call and express ideas. Sharing the call with project-assigned employees to inform them has never been easier.


We make sure that the information you need is found easily. You have multiple options to choose from, showcasing the view you are most comfortable with.


During ‘In Progress’ or ‘Completed’ phases any request is documented and stored based on the clients call information. From there you can enter Assign To, adding employees and notes.



Easily track when issues occur such as a subcontractor breaking, ruin or warping materials. Any incident can be added to our Charge Back system to minimize discrepancies.


To create complete Purchase Orders you need suppliers who will receive the orders. At Suppliers you can save suppliers profile information like address (with map), email, phone etc.


Have all your products and information at any moment. You created a record with a list including location, stock, unit $ and stock value individually. Get the information summarized.


you can create a Stock form with all the products which are leaving the inventory, for example to a Project sight. Stock can be related to a project or not and include any information needed.


Creating orders has never been easier. Build different supplier purchase forms and develop a list of proper stock products. You can save as PDF/Email/Print or turn into a bill.


Similar to stock we have restock, but in this case you can create a form with all the products entering the inventory. When related to a project Restock, it is included in the project cost.


After a purchase order is received turn POs into a bill with all quantities, total cost with tax and have an option to quickly send the specific suppliers you need to.


Another addition is Return. Creating a Return form means you are creating a form with all the products being returned to a supplier. Return can be connected to a project.



Inspection can help you gain advantage in your future projects, as you already know what the problem is and it is easier for you to present a Quote to a customer.  You can create and complete an inspection at the office or on the field from different inspectors.


Sales Team is a list which shows only the salespersons. List is sorted based on the employee with the most sales. You can navigate through the list to open each salesperson information which includes: a list of Quotes Assigned, Projects Assigned and Invoices Assigned.


Payroll is a must for all business companies. Customize payroll settings to get information on your employee timesheets for the payroll time, Paid/Unpaid salesperson or subcontractor payments. Payroll is divided in three categories: Employees, Salesperson, Subcontractor.


Monitoring projects work and checking your work quality is performed by assigned QA/QC employees. All those employees are organized in one layout where you can see their individual information and a list of the projects assigned. 


Track your employees’ hourly work to calculate their payrolls or even project costs with a simple interface that you will love. Use customizable timesheet settings, such as Templates to enter work hours faster or other settings to help you get accurate data.


Reviews on Skrivbord is an interesting tool. Since most of Skrivbord is build around the customer, each customer has the right to review your work. You can register their reviews from different websites into their profile to have a better understanding on how the customers value your company and work.


Skrivbord makes sure to offer you daily reminders that update and are visible everywhere needed. Providing Reminders with configurable settings in a way you will not forget to complete your tasks. Having reminders accessible on Skrivbord gives you the opportunity to schedule your daily work.


Crews section is separated in two categories: Inhouse Crews and Subcontractors. Having crew lists helps you have a better understanding of all the Crews added to the program. These crews can be assigned to different projects and on their information list.

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